Tips on how to Attract The Zodiac Signs


    Aries Zodiac: Don’t over-due the attention. They like a little bit of it but they don’t like to feel smothered. They’re independent people who need a mate, not another parent. Remember that they’re always in charge and they make the rules of the relationship. They like someone who’s into a simple and lasting relationship.

    Taurus Zodiac: It’s hard to impress a Taurus. They can be a little picky and it takes them awhile to get

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Charlo “F—-k it, I quit” Greene Lights A Joint Live On Air

After announcing she was leaving her job at the KTVA station in Anchorage, Alaska, by telling viewers, “F—k it, I quit,” she joined HuffPost Live on Thursday and smoked a joint live on the air.

"I’ll spark up right now. It is what it is. I’m in the privacy of my own home."

So yes, that happened.



If u make beats or rap or any kind of entertainment don’t be discouraged by a million niggas doin it or feel u not being heard or even not good enough. Keep doin the shit if it’s really in your heart to do it. Make progression constant. Talent ALWAYS shines thru and weathers the storm, no matter what. Remember people are sheep n will follow when it’s your time. Know what u want out of success and make yourself happy and have fun. Claim it!